Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Final Results: 2011NEM SCY Championships

So I was able to get these results and splits from the website after the race.  I am really happy that folks were praying for our travels and safety during the trip, and quite a few have commented that they were able to watch some of the events online.

Throughout the weekend I was thinking of my coworkers husband, Al, who passed away earlier in the week. I told Pat that I was "Swimming 4 Al" at Harvard, and was thankful to be able to put together some fast times and bring home some awards at my first championship meet in over 15 years.  I am really blessed that my wife and kids got me motivated to swim again with the gift of the music player just two years ago.  I've been able to lose some weight, trim up (a little - Emma still thinks I do not look that great in the Speedo - haha), and feel more energetic.  I also have had a great time meeting people from the Bennington area during practices and beyond at the meets - I would not have guessed as a teenager that I would have the opportunity to swim competitively as an adult.

I am planning to take a week or two easy, then gear up for the open water season this summer.  Peaks to Portland is definitely on the radar, along with a longer lake swim or two.  All depends on work and what the family has going on.  Who knows, I have never swum long course meters, and the championships for that are at the end of June in Middlebury.  Will this be the year I take a swim at LCM?

Final Results:

Men 30-34 year age group:

     Friday (3/18/11)
3rd place - 100yd Freestyle:      52.60 - splits: 25.29, 52.60(27.31)

3rd place - 100yd Backstroke:    59.62 - splits: 29.58, 59.62(30.04)

     Saturday (3/19/11)
3rd place - 50yd Backstroke:        27.76

13th place - 100yd IM:           1:03.18 - splits: 27.84, 1:03.18(35.34) 

     Sunday  (3/20/11)
6th place - 200yd Freestyle:     1:57.19 - splits: 
26.45, 56.04(29.59), 1:26.53(30.49), 1:57.19(30.66)

1st place - 200yd Backstroke:  2:11.88 - splits:
31.71, 1:05.75(34.04), 1:39.25(33.50), 2:11.88(32.63)

The Benninginton Area Masters (BAM) team (of one) finished:
     4th out of 14 in the Squad Division (Men's results)
     7th out of 17 in the Squad Division (Combined results)

Let me paraphrase Eric Liddell from Chariots of Fire: 
"I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I swim I feel His pleasure."

I am certainly not the fastest, but I do feel that when I swim I am using a gift that He gave to me.  

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