Thursday, September 02, 2010


On August 22, Lena and I returned from a short-term medical missions trip to Nicaragua with Global Health Outreach.  I was the pharmacist on a team of 46 folks from NY, GA, OH, and CA.  It was amazing to see how God used each of us on the team to accomplish His good and perfect will for this season in caring for the generous people of Nicaragua.

The Rec Center in Villa Sandino - no pool here

I will be updating our adventures and some amazing stories over the coming weeks, giving all the praise and honor to Jesus Christ for the blessings that we were able to give to our friends there, but also the ability to learn from Him during the adventure!

Showing some children a video I took of them (thanks for the picture, Lena!)
Check for the blogs that I put up under the August, 2010, section of the page - hope to get them up soon!

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