Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Third Day of Clinic

We started the morning early again, up at 6am to catch the bus at 6:15 for breakfast and to make our lunch for the day.  All that I can say is the ice cream did me in, and reminded me that Satan does indeed walk around (2 Peter 5:8) and tries to get our attention away from God, even in the form of ice cream!  The fact that I have not had any dairy products in almost a week and my body being run down from the heat and sweating did not help matters any.  My stomach tossed and turned all night long, and I got 3 hours of sleep if I was lucky.  Lesson learned.  I tried a piece of bread and some cola to eat, but have no appetite at all.

Before morning fellowship began I shared some fotos with Erick from my palm pilot.  Laura and Joanne S. (nurse) shared their testimonies.  I has not feeling well and Frank urged me to listen to what Joanne was about to share - what a powerful story of what God is doing in her life.  Jay preached on humility, speaking of Moses crying out God from Exodus 33:15-16).  After speaking with Frank, it was decided I would take a short time to rest first thing this morning in the MMU, as he covered the pharmacy with Joe, Amy, Christian, and Anna.

On the bus ride to clinic I shared some pictures with Alejandra from my palm pilot, and talked with her about pharmacy .  I went to the MMU for about an hour and went back to the pharmacy feeling refreshed, but tired.  We were busy as usual, but had lots of help from the team.

Erick enjoying his sandwich at lunch

I was continuing to feel better at lunch, and gave Orlando and Carlos a quick massage.  Erick showed the pictures from the palm pilot to the other translators.  Roy found some extra acetamiophen liquid and cimetidine tablets on the truck, and went out and bought other medicines were have been running low on (antibiotics, infant liquid, etc.).

A break in the sports to hear the Good News

In the afternoon, Susan, Sophia, and Mike H. started out in the pharmacy.  It was a quieter afternoon, and I was able to sneak away to the basketball court for 20 minutes.  I talked with some of the folks there (lots of Lakers fans in Nicaragua), and was able to pray with the kids who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior after Esau and Mike shared the giant EvangiCube with them.  I walked back to the clinic and noticed how warm and appreciative the people of Villa Sandino were to me.  I felt very safe, and was so happy to smile and talk with the people there.

It was still slow in the clinic, and I was able to speak to Alejandra and Erick about pharmacy stuff - kinetics of medicines and some basic therapeutics.  The rains came and we continued to prepack, and I had Dr. Jo share antibiotic choices with them while I helped everyone to pack up the pharmacy. 

The church, so full people were out on the street, including Lena!
It was Wednesday night, so we headed down to the church for evening service.  We sat with a group of kids, Edwardo was a riot, and listened to the music from the local church as well as our team while the generators were running outside.  We had the special treat of listening to Sophia and Cory share their testimonies, including Cory giving Lloyd a kiss on the cheek! haha!  Jay preached the Word and Rolando shared of the good works that God was doing in Central America and Nicaragua.  Three people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and it was a great blessing that the Spanish New Testament that Lena and I bought at our local Christian Book Store was given to the young man who accepted Christ.  The team passed out glow sticks to the kids, and I gave some cookies and chips to some guys standing out front. 

On the bus back to the hotel we heard from Amy that one lady had traveled two and a half-hours on horse with three kids to get to the clinic, and was traveling back in the dark, rainy night.  At the restaurant, we ate with Henry, who shared some of the insights into Nicaraguan food and culture with us.  He mentioned that this part of the country was not the hottest area, which I find hard to believe because I feel like I am melting under the heat of the sun!  At the end of supper, I took a picture with Laura after we traded hats (Laura wore my Red Sox hat and I wore Mike's Yankees hat)!  After we headed home, earlier than usually due to the team starting to get worn down, we headed back to the room and got to sleep early. PTL! 

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