Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fourth Day of Clinic

As you might guess, we woke up today at 6 am in order to get to breakfast with the team.  We had a special treat this morning in addition to rice and beans - cereal and pancakes, complete with Aunt Jamima syrup!  
A little American-style continental breakfast.  I am still feeling weak, but more rested thanks to a good night sleep.  Tricia gave the devotional during the morning team time, and Dr. Jo gave her testimony.
Mmmm - memories of Vermont
This morning Bruce, Mike H., and Sam were slated to start the day in the pharmacy.  We were busy, but there was not the huge rush that we have seen in previous mornings.  The prepaking of medicines throughout the week has kept us ahead of the game as far as efficiency is concerned - we have been able to keep the lines moving and still keep the dental and home-visit teams stocked.  The mayor's office and police in the town came in before lunch and we helped them.  On the way to lunch I stopped and prayed with a man named Antonio who put his faith and eternal hope in Jesus Christ - praise the Lord!

Lloyd, Pastor Chuck, Rolando, and Esau minister as some of the youth in the town watch

At lunch our group was introduced to another gringo in the town, Colin, working with the Peace Corps in the village.  His friends Valarie and Bryan were visiting from Rochester, NY, and we had fun sharing stories with them.  Chuck S. from California showed me a gecko that was near a bullitin board in the church, and we attempted to "show" it to Lena - check out this great photo I was able to catch as the gecko scurried away ...

Can you see the leaping lizard in the upper left corner?
After lunch and some discussion about the special dinner later in the evening, we went back to the clinic.  Lena, Anna, and Lori Jean joined us in the pharmacy, where the start of processing was slow but the pace picked up quickly.  I soon made Alejandra an honorary farmac√©utica for the duration of the trip.  She was nervous about this, but has shown over the week that her training can allow for her to help out in this way.  We had the blessing of having Dr. Steve and Israel help in the pharmacy as the MMU was not as busy (I still joke with Israel that he should consider pharmacy instead of medicine!).  I was also able to talk with Roy, the busiest guy in the clinic, about the break-down procedures and how to best organize things for him and the crew to load and then inventory when they get everything back to Managua and their warehouse there.

The town gathered yet again as we left in the buses, and Sam received a special present from Miguel, who gave his life to Christ after we prayed for him (and Eric pursued him and a stolen hammer!).  He was dressed in surgical atttire and climbed the bus as we departed, then ushered the kids away so they did not get hurt.  It is so great to wave to the town as they wave back at us at the end of another busy day.  Anna was completing her daily task of counting patient slips on the bus ride back to Santo Tomas, and Sapna and I helped her to keep the papers organized in piles of those who became believers, rededicated their lives to Christ, or did not accept God's gift of eternal life.

Miguel, with Carlos (over his right shoulder) getting a good laugh!
*** more to come about the Appreciation Dinner help Thursday night***   :) ...mike...

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